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Emailing & Digital Marketing

Our e-mail and digital marketing solution can be easily customized as per your business requirements, budget, and location of the audience. Our partnerships with permission-based marketers in a wide range of industries like financial, publishing, and mortgage (to name a few) help us to deliver high-end solutions.

Campaign Management

Our innovative and customized solutions are designed to handle the various components of the marketing campaign. We help to plan, organize, execute, track, and analyze the marketing campaigns. We help you know when and what to invest on! Our campaign management solution can help forecast sales and visitors traffic. Our dedicated team of SEO/SMO and offline marketing ensures to constantly motivate, discuss, and implement new techniques to achieve top rankings for our clients on search engines.

Marketing Integration

Skycore technicians are expert in system integration with external software or IT solution partners.We help organizations with their Email marketing , Social media, Online member forum, local chapter website and many other integration projects.

Landing Page and Instant SEO

Skycore is a top marketing solutions company in the USA fully equipped to deliver high-end and fully personalized sales landing pages. Our geo-targeting technique ensures the content is displayed as per client’s location, source, device, buying stage, or any other details stored in the CRM or any database system. Our created dynamic forms will ensure to capture the right user information so that you do not have to ask them again.

Web Administration

We understand a single unit can’t have sufficient hands for feeding all IT need, thus we give hands to Marketing team to become more strong and self served fulfilling all IT needs. We just don’t take responsibility on your WEB administration we responsible provide direct support to the Director of Marketing and the overall digital and online marketing efforts to your the Firm. WE maintain a cohesive online presence on managing SEO and web analytics and also help in management of all projects related to SEO/SEM, along with reporting and analysis of web analytics in collaboration with internal SEO and analytic team.

Content Migration

Your enterprise situation will probably be unique. Perhaps you are replacing your (CMS), and need to take a lot of content along with you, and it doesn’t look like the process can be easily automated. Our web team provides a dedicated service on web content translation and it's migration. We produce powerful program script to do the job in a very timely efficient ways. We also make sure for this to be cost effective, let us help.

Other ServicesOther Services

Satisfy Your Needs

System Development and Maintenance

Our system maintenance and development approach is personalized and customized as per the needs and requirements of the business. We ensure to minimize the down time and help the organizations leverage the full potential of the application. Our maintenance engineers are available to resolve any system deployment or maintenance issue.

Data Analysis and Business Intelligence

Our data analysis and BI solutions are customized to meet the fierce competition. Our clients leverage and receive very polished and high-quality of data to meet the customer demand for the information. Our organizations use the data to develop technical requirements, data modeling, design, and delivery of the dashboard solutions.

Mobile App Development

We have designed, developed, and delivered many content driven apps with branding capabilities, content delivery, event management, and e-commerce abilities. We just launched an event app with a single user interface where the attendees can learn, connect, interact, and share with other users. It helps to optimize the event with a signal-rich data stream.

Web Development

We at Skycore, Web team is specialized in designing and developing generic and dynamic Websites & Web Applications, CMS based Mobile Applications and many more software solution for your organization. We support in house premise based and Cloud hosting. We deliver our array of CMS based web solutions leveraging latest innovations in the IT domain and knowledge of business processes that help clients to have a competitive edge in their respective business needs.

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